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15 Android Adware Apps to Delete from your phone

15 Android Adware Apps to Delete from your phone

by Team TC

15 Android Adware Apps to delete from your phone. Adware is essential a software whose major function is to generate revenue for its developer. The Adware does this by automatically generating online advertisements. When you have an Adware app installed in your smartphone, it will display ads to your screen. And for every ad it displays to you, the developer/owner of that Adware makes money.

Sophos (British security firm) recently published a report concerning 15 Android apps that acts as Adware. These apps were originally available in Google playstore but have since been taken down by the security firm contacted Google. The alarming part is that the apps are still installed in over 2 million Android devices worldwide.

15 Android Adware Apps to delete from your phone

If you have any of the apps listed below, please kindly delete/uninstall them immediately;

  • Generate Elves
  • SavExpense
  • QR Artifact
  • Flash On Calls & Messages
  • Rent QR Code
  • Image Magic
  • Find Your Phone
  • Scavenger—speed
  • Background Cut Out
  • Auto Cut Out
  • Auto Cut Out 2019
  • Auto Cut Out Pro
  • Background Cut Out
  • Photo Background
  • ImageProcessing
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If for some reason, you can’t uninstall or delete any of these apps. Please try and factory reset your phone. Yes, you’ll lose your files but you’ll also get rid of the Adware app. These apps might be sending your personal information back to its developer without your notice. Please be conscious of your cybersecurity.

How to ensure I don’t install Adware Apps

  • If you’re downloading an app from Google playstore, make sure it is verified by Google through “Google Play Protect”. If it’s not, do not download it.

15 Android Adware Apps to Delete from your phone

  • Try to read the reviews/comment section on the App’s page before downloading. Usually, for me, I go straight to the negative reviews first.
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15 Android Adware Apps to Delete from your phone

  • Try as much as possible not to download apps from unknown sources. As an Android user, you shouldn’t download an app that’s not listed on Google playstore.

Please be careful and conscious about malicious apps especially on Android. Android being an open-source operating system makes it susceptible to malware attacks. This is one of the reasons why iOS users don’t fancy crossing over to Android. In case you don’t know, iOS is a closed source operating system and can only be accessed by Apple themselves.

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