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Best Sports Games for Android

Check out the Best Sports Games for Android

by Obodoakor Moses

As a sports lover, you probably want to enjoy playing your favourite sports game on your Android device. For me, my best sports are Basketball and I have at a basketball game on my Android device right now. You can do the same also by checking out this best sports games for Android article. We have put together every good sports game on Android you could possibly think about.

NBA 2K20

Best Sports Games for Android

Allow me to be a little bias lol. As a basketball fan, NBA 2K20 has to be leading this list. It is arguably the best basketball game on Android. The gameplay and graphics are very realistic with the updated NBA soundtrack. The only downside about the game is it being premium. To download the game on Google playstore, you’ll have to pay $5.99.

FIFA Football

Best Sports Games for Android

FIFA Football is one of the few sports game with over 100 million downloads on Google playstore. The game features online mode where you get to compete against the very best out there. The campaign mode allows you to work your way up and create your ultimate team. It features some of the old legends like Zidane, David Beckham, Ronaldo de lima and many others. FIFA Football is developed by Electronic Arts (EA).

MLB 9 Innings

Best Sports Games for Android

Baseball fans where are you at? Download MLB 9 Innings today and enjoy realistic 3D and thrilling baseball play. You’ll be rewarded for accomplishing various collections and challenges in the game. The game features all the 30 teams in MLB with 1,700 players. The rosters are updated regularly to meet the happenings in real life like players transfer e.t.c.

PES 2020

Best Sports Games for Android

Another soccer game to check out today is the PES 2020. It has already gathered over 50 million downloads and still counting. It will likely hit the 100 million mark soon. The gameplay is in real-time and features online matches. Play with your favourite legends; Totti, Maradona, Batistuta, Kahn, Zico e.t.c.

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Score! Hero

Best Sports Games for Android

Score! Hero has been and is still a massive success for its developer (First Touch Games Ltd). Its a popular soccer game with over 100 million downloads on Google playstore. In Score Hero, you have to chance to become a soccer legend. The game features over 660 levels with stunning 3D graphics and animations. You get to design your player to your taste.

Golf Star

Best Sports Games for Android

Next one on the list of best sports games for Android is Golf Star. This game is developed by Com2uS, same people responsible for “MLB 9 Innings”. This is the most vivid golf game on Android and has over 10 million downloads. Golf Star features true-to-life golf physics and stunning 3D graphics. In this game, you can become a pro golfer and choose from over 15 techniques to use. The golf course looks real with terrain height, wind, temperature, ball impact angle, humidity e.t.c

Snowboard Party: World Tour

In a less competitive sport, Snowboard party world tour is the best snowboarding game out there. It features unique boarding spots, crazy combos, multiple competitions, customizable riders and lots more. The online multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends and challenge riders from anywhere in the world. If you love snowboarding, then give this game a download today.

NBA Live

Another quality sports game from Electronic Arts (EA) is NBA Live. In its 4th season, NBA Live has over 50 million downloads on Google playstore. Get to build your ultimate team based on shooting, defence, balance or overall. EA has the naming rights of every NBA player in the league. So there is no player you need that you won’t get. The showdown mode is where you get to compete with players online from anywhere in the world.

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EA Sports UFC

UFC is the leading promotion company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Play with your favourite UFC fighter either male or female when you download this game. Experience the thrill and intensity of the octagon at your fingertips. Fight your way to glory as you become the UFC Champion.

Madden NFL Mobile Football

Where are my American football lovers? Madden is the most popular and best American football game to play. It has over 10 million downloads on Google playstore. The game is developed by popular company – Electronics Arts (EA). It features realistic gameplay, players can be traded, football tactics are up to date. Though a lot of people will complain, that the game is kind of pay-to-win oriented.

This is our list of best sports games for Android. What Android sports game are you playing right now? Let us know in the comment section below.

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