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PUBG Mobile MOD APK Hack with Unlimited Cheats

by Team TC

PUBG Mobile MOD APK Hack – PUBG is a very popular battle royale game on smartphone. It features a military and tactical skills setup. This version we have here is the international version of the PUBG Exhilarating. For those who do not know, PUBG stands for ‘PlayerUnknown Battle Grounds’. This game won ‘2018 Mobile Game of the Year’ at Golden Joystick Awards. It’s rise has been tremendous and the game has inspired other mobile battle royale game.


PUBG Mobile is a faithful port of the original PC version and comes with the classic 100-player game mode, the complete maps, various arcade mode, realistic weapons and ballistic behaviour. The guns and other weapons are configured to how they function in real life. PUBG Mobile is not just your average regular game, it’s a fight for survival. Your enemies won’t hesitate to kill you at first sight.


The controls of this mobile version is well adapted to your touch screen. As long as you are running PUBG Mobile on a smartphone with hardware, it should run smoothly and respond quickly to your touches. In the game settings, you can adjust the graphics to the best capable one for your device. The graphics settings available are smooth, balance, HD, HDR and Ultra HD. You can choose from its three game modes; Solo, Duo and Squad.

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PUBG Mobile Features

  • Various weapons to choose from with realistic ballistics and behavior.
  • Play in the standard Third Person Perspective or First Person Perspective.
  • The perfect 100-player classic mode
  • Detailed maps: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok with day/night cycles and dynamic weather conditions.
  • Striking and realistic visuals with 3D sound effects and high-fidelity real-time voice chat.
  • Lots of vehicles to pick from in gameplay to help get to a destination quicker.
  • Play as either Solo, Duo or Squad

PUBG Mobile App Info

Version: 0.12.0
License: Free
Language: English (+31 more)
Category: Action/Adventure
Download size: 1821.47
In-app purchase: Yes
Offered by: Tencent Games
Released on: 19 Mar. 2018
App rating: 4.5
Op. System: Android
Req. Android: Android 5.1.1+ and up
Age rating: 16+

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How to PUBG Mobile MOD APK Hack

Downloading this MOD APK version of PUBG Mobile will allow you become a Champion among your friends. You have more kills per game than most people. Your health life won’t drain fast and your body armour will withstand more gun shots than that of your enemies. You can see enemies from a mile away and clear line of sight as there is cheats laid down to remove all obstructing objects from your way like building, walls, trees e.t.c.

Download PUBG Mobile from Google Playstore here!!!

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK Hack here!!!

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