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PUBG VS Fortnite

PUBG VS Fortnite: best battle royale game?

by Obodoakor Moses

PUBG VS Fortnite – PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and Fortnite are arguably the best and hottest battle royale games out there. Their fan base cut across the world with over five million concurrent gamers tuned in every hour or so. On the internet, there’s always someone ready to start an argument about which one is better.

Fortnite and PUBG on battle royale genre are like iPhone and Samsung on the smartphone world. They’re the biggest and the competition to be better than the other is simply intense. In this article, we’ll be comparing both games with reference to their weapons, maps, game modes and stuff like that. So stick around and enjoy this beautifully written article.

PUBG VS Fortnite – The Gameplay

Like I said in the introduction, both games are under the genre battle royale. The game is all about survival and being the last man/team standing. 100 players are dropped off by an aircraft in an undisclosed map, where they have to scavenge for weapons, medical supplies, armour and stuff like that. They fight each other in a kill or be killed situation.

PUBG VS Fortnite
PUBG VS Fortnite

There’s the solo, duo or squad mode. The squad consisted of a group of four. PUBG is more realistic and serious with its gameplay. While Fortnite is more or less cartoonish. In Fortnite, you can break trees, houses and stuff for supplies. You can also build your own house as an advantageous point for an attack. Whereas in PUBG, you can’t go around destroying trees or houses. And you can’t build anything. Players will have to camp in houses or towers already available on the map.

PUBG VS Fortnite – Graphics

Fortnite graphics are much more detailed than that of PUBG. This could be because PUBG was developed by a small team called PUBG Corp. While Fortnite was developed by Epic Games, which is a big corporation.

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PUBG has this militarism look and enemies are hard to detect when playing. Probably because their outfit blends with fields, structures and all. Whereas, Fortnite has a cartoonish and colourful look and it makes it easier to sight an enemy ahead.

Graphics is all about preference. I’ll go with the militarism graphics of PUBG over the cartoonish graphics of Fortnite.

The Maps

Map differentiates both PUBG and Fortnite. Due to how popular Fortnite is, it’s much easier to start a new game of 100 on Fortnite than on PUBG. On PUBG, an aircraft takes the 100 players to the map. While on Fortnite, it’s a party bus.

Players can drop on the map using a parachute on PUBG. Whereas, on Fortnite, they make use of an umbrella. PUBG has two maps; Sosnovka island in Russia and an abandoned desert in Mexico. Whereas, Fortnite features only one map, which they update with locations frequently.

PUBG map is measured at 8x8km. While Fortnite is at 4x4km. This further makes PUBG game to last longer as players are scattered all through the maps and are only closed down occasionally by the play zone.

Player Count

The player count doesn’t necessarily mean one game is better than the other. A lot of factors affect the player count of games. But for the sake of curiosity, it will be discussed.

Fortnite features over 40 million players a month with over 3 million concurrent players. PUBG is close with over 2 million concurrent players at a time. On mobile, PUBG has more players cause they are available for iOS and Android. While Fortnite is available for iOS and only recently was launched to Android. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the first Android smartphone to feature Fortnite.

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Weapons are very important in both PUBG and Fortnite. Since it’s a game of survival, users stand a big chance of actually surviving if they have weapons.

PUBG VS Fortnite

In PUBG, there’s a wide range of weapons and cosmetics. In fact, PUBG has more weapons than Fortnite. The weapons available on PUBG are of a military scheme such as Pistols, Assault and Sniper rifles, Submachine guns and so on.

While Fortnite weapons don’t fit into its cartoonish gameplay. All those assault rifles, shotguns and even explosives such as rocket launcher are more of a military kind of thing. Weapons are easily accessible on Fortnite than PUBG. PUBG gameplay is based off military practice, which means you have to work hard to get the job done.


For the big question of which is better. I’d say both are amazing battle royale games. Am of the opinion that it’s based on preference. For me, I prefer the military gameplay of PUBG. The next guy might prefer the cartoonish and colourful gameplay of Fortnite with the fact that you can actually build a house in the game.

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