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Stick War Legacy MOD APK

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Hack with Unlimited Gems

by Team TC

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Hack – This game will help you learn the ways of spears, sword, archer, and Mage. It is all about you trying to free Inamorta. Are you a fan of stick games, well Stick War Legacy is one of the biggest, challenging, addicting and most fuck stick game on mobile right now. You can control your army in units or use them all together to form up a formation. The game gives you total control of every stickman in your army and they are all yours to command.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK

In the gameplay, you’ll be building units, learn the ways of spear, mage, sword, archer and Giant. Also, mine gold and destroy enemies statue, so you conquer all territories. The campaign mode of this game starts in a world called ‘Inamorta’, where nations are in a quest for power and are devoted to their individual technologies. Each nation in this game has developed a way for them to attack and defend.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK

Stick War Legacy Features

  • Skins are now available for all characters! Unlock powerful weapons and armour, each with their own unique perks!
  • Tournament mode! Battle your way through dozens of Ai challengers to win the “Crown of Inamorta!”
  • Leaf skins are light cheap so your units can move and be built quickly.
  • Comic book style cinematic intro for Endless Deads!
  • Ice skins contain powerful magic that will freeze and slow the enemy.
  • Endless Deads zombie survival mode! How many nights can you last?
  • Savage skins are made from the bones and fur of magical beasts giving those who wear them bonus to Deads, increased attack speed, agility and stun reduction.
  • Vamp skins are said to contain the power of Chaos, created by the darkest magic of Inamorta. Vamp armour and weapons give your units the power of life steal, poison immunity and splash damage to all those who come too close.
  • Lava skins are forged in the heart of a volcano and cause burn damage while also reflecting incoming damage back to the enemy.
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Stick War Legacy MOD APK

Stick War Legacy App Info

  • Version: 1.11.21
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Category: Strategy
  • Download size: 80.7MB
  • In-app purchase: Yes
  • Offered by: Max Games Studios
  • Released on: 31 January 2016
  • App rating: 4.6
  • Op. System: Android
  • Req. Android: Android 4.1+ and up
  • Age rating: 12+

How to Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK Hack

This nations became proud of their technologies and weapons. So they started worshipping their weapons as a result of that. These nations have different names based on what they worship. The people of archer is ‘Archidons’, people of sword is ‘Swprdwrath’, people of spear is ‘Speartons’ and people of mage is ‘Magikill’. Your own nation is ‘Order’, cause your people do not worship weapons and their way is of peace and knowledge.

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Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK

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