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Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK

Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK Download

by Obodoakor Moses

Download Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK for free on Android and get unlimited coins. This a good simulation game about owning a Japanese sushi restaurant. The company has various branches across Japan cities like Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo e.t.c. Another good simulation game to try out will be My Cafe Restaurant Game MOD APK, where you get to own a cafe.

Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK

In Sushi Bar Idle, you are the CEO of the Japanese restaurant. You will have to hire managers and workers in every shop you owned across Japan. Make sure your restaurant deliver delicious meals and dishes to your customers. As a restaurant, one of your primary objectives is to keep the customers happy. Make sure they are satisfied and their orders are attended to promptly. Work hard to become the richest sushi master or owner in the whole world.

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Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK

Sushi Bar Idle MOD

As a restaurant owner, there are so many things you need money for or coins in the case of this game. These coins can be used to upgrade your chef. Upgraded chefs mean the lesser time a meal will take to get ready. You can also upgrade the price of your dishes and the seats available in the restaurant. More seats lead to more customers which ultimately leads to you making more money. You can get unlimited coins to handle your business by downloading the MOD APK (53.3MB) file below;

Download Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK

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