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AirPods Pro VS AirPods

AirPods Pro VS AirPods: Which one is better?

by Obodoakor Moses

Apple Inc. has released the all-new AirPods Pro with noise-cancellation and lots more. The product is obviously targeting the high-end market with its high price. In this article, we’ll be doing a comparison of the AirPods Pro vs AirPods. The regular AirPods was released earlier this year and has been doing quite well in the market. After reading this article, you’ll be able to know the differences and similarities of the two wireless earbuds.


The new AirPods Pro comes with a water-resistant design. It is built to fit snugly and securely into the ears. The Pro comes in three variants of silicone ear tips. This way, you get to pick the tip that feels more comfortable in your ears. It is a known issue of the regular AirPods, as many users express the discomfort they feel while wearing the earbuds.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods

Each unit of the regular AirPods weighs just 4 grams while that of the Pro weighs 5.4 grams. The in-design feature of the AirPods Pro leads to the noise-cancellation by simply blocking any incoming sound. Another beneficial advantage the Pro has over the regular AirPods is the IPX4 rating. With the AirPods Pro being water-resistant, you can now afford to take along with you to the pool or to the shower.

Sound Quality

AirPods Pro VS AirPods

AirPods despite being popular in the market wasn’t known for its great sound quality. Apple shifts its attention to sound quality for the AirPods Pro. It comes with a custom high-excursion speaker driver which brings out powerful bass. Complementing the speaker is a high dynamic range amplifier, which produces a clear sound. You also have the adaptive EQ which adjusts the tune of the music automatically depending on the shape of your ear.

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The Airpods and AirPods Pro are both powered by Apple’s 10-core H1 chip. The chip on the AirPods Pro has more functionality compared to the one on the regular AirPods. The better sound quality you get on the AirPods Pro as something to do with the H1 chip. While on the AirPods, the H1 chip functionality is just limited to the always-on “Hey Siri”, battery life and lower latency.

Active Noise Cancellation

AirPods Pro VS AirPods

This is apparently one of the most requested features from the regular AirPods owners. They complained bitterly and now Apple has answered. The new AirPods Pro comes with an in-ear design which blocks off all ambient sound or noise. This noise cancellation feature will be loved by road travellers and especially an audiophile. Also, to ensure you are aware of your surroundings, there is a transparency mode. This mode will let in ambient sound. It will be very useful when walking down the street or going for public transit.

Force Sensor

The AirPods Pro comes with a new function called “Force Sensor“. It is located at the bottom of the earbuds. On the regular AirPods, functions like switching between music, picking and ending of calls are done with gestures. Whereas, on the AirPods Pro, these functions will be carried out with the Force Sensor. Double pressing the Force Sensor will skip forward your music. To skip back the music, press it three times. Press and hold the sensor to switch between Transparency mode and active noise cancellation.

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Battery Life

Both earbuds give you a five hours battery life on a single charge. But when the active noise cancellation is enabled on the AirPods Pro, the battery life goes down to 4.5 hours. With the charging case, you’re guaranteed 24 hours of battery life on both earbuds.

Price & Verdict

The regular AirPods cost $159 while the AirPods Pro goes for $249. The additional $90 gets you a better design, water-resistant, better sound quality and active noise cancellation. If money is not an issue, then the AirPods Pro is worth buying as it improves the user’s experience. That will be all on AirPods Pro vs AirPods comparison.

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