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Android TV VS Google Chromecast

Android TV VS Google Chromecast: Best Big Screen Ent.?

by Obodoakor Moses

Android TV VS Google Chromecast – Google as a tech giant is used to offering more than one solution to every segment. In this aspect, they provide two solutions to big screen entertainment, which are Android TV and Google Chromecast. Android TV is a television running the famous Android operating system. These television are not manufactured by Google.

Android TV VS Google Chromecast

Android TV VS Google Chromecast – The Cost

The cost of the Google Chromecast is straight forward. The entry-level goes for about $35 while the Chromecast Ultra with 4K video cost about $69. Whereas, the Android TV doesn’t have a definitive price. Since the TV is built by various brands such as Hisense, Asus, Sony and so on, prices tend to vary. A brand like Xiaomi has an Android TV set around $35 while brands like Nvidia’s own Android TV can go for as high as $168. Though they don’t both offer the same features.

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Android TV VS Google Chromecast – User Interface

Android TV has a user interface of which are customized by various brands just like on the Android smartphone. While Google Chromecast does not have a user interface instead you can cast content from your device via Chrome browser. So if you don’t mind a user interface then you’re better off going with the Android TV.


Android TV VS Google Chromecast

This is where Android TV is more preferable than Google Chromecast. Most big entertainment brands like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video have apps that are available on Android TV. Meanwhile, for the Google Chromecast, not all brands can be cast on it. For example, the Amazon Prime Video. Though there tweaks to help out it is not safe and advisable.


Android TV VS Google Chromecast

Android TV can easily be paired with gaming controllers and is more ideal for gaming. If you’re are buying the Android TV for gaming, it is advisable that you purchase the high-end spec box for the better gaming experience. While the Google Chromecast can’t directly be used for gaming. You’ll need your smartphone as a controller before gaming with Google Chromecast. And there will be occasional lagging, which you probably won’t like.

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Android TV is clearly better than Google Chromecast with easy access to Apps and Gaming. But that doesn’t mean the Google Chromecast isn’t a good big screen entertainment platform. If you are not a gamer, you can still go with Google Chromecast and enjoy movies and videos on the big screen.

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