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Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive

by Obodoakor Moses

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive: When it comes to cloud storage, these are the three biggest names on the internet. One useful thing they have in common is that they free up hard drive space by storing files in the cloud. Aside from that they also offer unique features, which is why making a choice between them is no easy task.

Each cloud storage has its strengths and also weaknesses. It all boils down to what you really what from a cloud storage system and which of the system offers your specific need.

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive – Monthly Active Users

Google Drive owned by Google Inc. has the highest monthly active users with over 1 billion users. Followed by Dropbox, which last reported to have 500 million monthly active users. Whereas, OneDrive comes up short with over 115 million monthly active users.

These numbers don’t mean Google Drive services is better than OneDrive services. There are other factors that determine the number of monthly active users. Google Inc. is a more popular and famous tech company will definitely be able to reach a wider audience than Dropbox and OneDrive. For example, Google Drive comes pre-installed in every Android smartphone out there. And Google announced that over 2 billion people use the Android operating system.

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive – Storage and Pricing

All three cloud storage services offer various plans for consumers and also for business.

Dropbox offers three consumer plans that we know of; Dropbox basic, Dropbox plus and Dropbox professional. The basic plan is a free plan with a capped storage of 2GB. Dropbox plus has a month-to-month cost of $9.99. While Dropbox professional has a month-to-month cost of $19.99. Both Dropbox plus and Dropbox professional has a capped storage of 1TB. The only difference is that the Dropbox professional has more features such as Shared link settings, 120-day versioning and Smart synchronization. The Dropbox business plan offers a 2TB and unlimited cloud storage options but requires at least three users.

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Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive

Google Drive offers 15GB of storage to all android phone or Gmail user. So you automatically have 15GB worth of storage if you have a Gmail account or you’re using an Android device. Google Drive plans is more flexible than Dropbox. For $9.99 you’ll get 1 TB of storage, $1.99 for 100GB, $19.99 for 2TB, $99.99 for 10TB, $199.99 for 20TB and $299.99 for 30TB. Meanwhile, there are discounts for an annual subscription too. Google Drive paid users have now been upgraded to Google One, where they can share their storage with up to five family members. This makes Google Drive easily one of the best family storage service.

OneDrive offers a 5GB free plan. While on Google Drive you get 15GB free. Other OneDrive plans includes $1.99 for 50GB, $6.99 for 1TB and $9.99 for 5TB. They also offer yearly called OneDrive Business.

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive – File Synchronization

It’s paramount for a cloud storage service to have the ability to synchronize your files. Well, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive can synchronize your files. They simply create a folder in your system which acts as an intermediary between your system and the cloud. Any files you save into that folder get synced to the cloud.

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Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive – Security and Privacy

Dropbox has two steps of security called in-transit and at-rest encryption. The in-transit encryption offers protection when transferring data over the internet. While files stored in Dropbox uses at-rest encryption, which is a different encryption protocol to the in-transit encryption. Meanwhile, Google Drive also uses the same in-transit encryption and at-rest encryption protocol like Dropbox for their security. Though the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) used by Google Drive is quite different from the one used by Dropbox.

Files stored in OneDrive are not encrypted, except you’re subscribed to their business plan. This is a very bad move by OneDrive and until it’s fixed, we advise against using them.

Dropbox VS Google Drive VS OneDrive – Conclusion

Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are all good cloud storage providers. It ultimately depends on what you need and which provider offers the most suitable plan for you. OneDrive weakness against Dropbox and Google Drive is the no encryption protocol. My preferred choice is Google Drive. Let us know which of the cloud storage provider is your preferred choice in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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