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Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold

Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold Comparison

by Obodoakor Moses

Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold – Welcome to 2019: the year of the foldable smartphone. The Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are the only foldable smartphone available right now and it’s only right that we compare them. At first glance, both smartphones look similar as they can both be folded. This comparison will help us know the differences between them. Note: this is an early comparison as their full specs is not yet out at the time of writing.

Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold – Design

Samsung and Huawei have gone separate routes for their foldable device. The Samsung Galaxy Fold folds inward. While the Huawei Mate X folds outward. It’s still early to decide which direction is best. But we do think the Samsung Galaxy Fold is better. Folding inward will help protect the huge display. Whereas, folding outward leaves the display vulnerable to break or scratch.

Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is yet to release the dimensions of the Galaxy Fold. But mainly looking at both devices, you can tell the Huawei Mate X which measures 11 mm in dimensions is far slimmer than the Galaxy Fold. Even though the 11 mm is chunkier than a most regular smartphone. There is a side-mounted fingerprint scanner on both smartphones.

Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold – Display

In the folded mode; the Galaxy Fold features a rather small Super AMOLED display size of 4.6 inches. Whereas, the Mate X features 6.6 inches AMOLED display. The small display on the Galaxy Fold makes it look like a toy rather than a premium device.

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Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold

In the unfolded mode; the Huawei Mate X still features a bigger display size. An 8.0 inches display with 2200 x 2480 pixels and 414 PPI density is featured on the Huawei Mate X. While the Galaxy Fold features a 7.3 inches 1536 x 2152 pixels and 414 PPI density.


The Huawei Mate X does not feature a selfie camera either single, dual or triple. So selfie lovers stay clear off that road. The Galaxy Fold, however, comes with a dual selfie camera for the unfolded display and a single selfie camera for the folded display. The dual selfie camera system is a 10 MP f/2.2 sensor + 8 MP f/1.9 sensor. While the single selfie camera features a 10 MP f/2.2 sensor.

Moving over to the main camera, the Huawei Mate X comes with Quad camera system. This system features a 40 MP main wide sensor, a 16 MP secondary ultrawide sensor, an 8 MP third telephoto sensor and a TOF (Time of Flight) camera. While the Galaxy Fold comes with a triple camera system. The system features a 12 MP main wide sensor, a 12 MP secondary telephoto sensor and a 16 MP third ultrawide sensor.


Both smartphones support the 5G network. Powering the Galaxy Fold is the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset with 12 GB of RAM. While powering the Mate X is the latest Kirin 980 chipset with an 8 GB of RAM. Both chipsets are custom to work different but you can expect top-notch performance from both. Both the Galaxy Fold and Mate X comes with internal storage of 512 GB. The Galaxy Fold doesn’t support microSD slot. While the Mate X does for storage up to 256 GB.

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Both foldable smartphones run on Android 9.0 Pie. The Huawei Mate X features EMUI 9.1 custom skin on top. While the Galaxy Fold features One UI custom skin. Both user interface along with the Android OS has been well optimized for the foldable display in every angle.


The total battery capacity of the Mate X is 4500 mAh. Whereas on the Galaxy Fold is 4300 mAh. The 55W SuperCharge technology featured on the Mate X makes it an easy winner in this category. The tech is said to charge the device from 0% to 85% in just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fold features an 18W fast battery charging technology.


Both have great concept and design. The Huawei Mate X cost a huge $3,200. While the Samsung Galaxy Fold is more cheaper at $2,000. The Galaxy Fold comes with a bigger RAM size of 12 GB compared to the 8 GB available on the Mate X. There’s no selfie camera for the Mate X. These are extra expensive smartphones and I would just go with the lesser priced one.

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