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MacBook Air VS MacBook VS MacBook Pro

MacBook Air VS MacBook VS MacBook Pro Comparison

by Obodoakor Moses

MacBook is a portable computer developed and sold by Apple Inc. Just like every other computer brand, there are different types of MacBook. We have the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the regular MacBook. In this article, we’ll be comparing the MacBook air vs MacBook vs MacBook pro. Let’s see which of these Apple computers is better.

General Features of all Apple MacBook

Before we go into which one is better, let’s look at what the features all three MacBook have in common.

  • macOS: No matter which MacBook you decide to buy, it will run on the macOS. This is Apple’s operating system for its desktop. The OS was formerly called “Mac OS X“.
  • Battery Life: Every model of the MacBook has a battery rating of 10 hours. Of course, this is just standard rating, battery life will depend on what you’re using the MacBook for.
  • Multi-touch trackpads: Multi-touch gestures enables for controlling and navigating your MacBook. It’s available in all models.
  • HD Camera and microphone: Use for facetime, Skype, Video and audio calls.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack: This feature is still a thing on MacBooks despite Apple getting ride of it on the iPhones.
  • Other features include SSD storage, Backlit keyboards, and 802.11ac wireless.
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MacBook Air

MacBook Air VS MacBook VS MacBook Pro

This is the cheapest Apple’s computer and arguably the best for most users. It is priced at $1,099 and comes with a 13-inch Retina screen and over 10 hours battery life. It feels like the MacBook Air is here to take the place of MacBook.


MacBook Air VS MacBook VS MacBook Pro

Speaking of MacBook, Apple has announced the discontinuity of this computer. It was meant to replace the MacBook Air but since the Air returned back in 2018, the obvious the plan didn’t work. The MacBook is still a solid desktop on any given day. It features a 12-inch display size. Since the company no longer sells them, you can buy it from third-party stores either refurbished or used.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Air VS MacBook VS MacBook Pro

This is arguably the most powerful MacBook out there. I mean it’s called “Pro” for a reason. The MacBook Pro is available in two display size models. The 13-inch size is sold for $1,299 while the 15-inch size goes for $2,399.

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MacBook Air VS MacBook VS MacBook Pro – Summary

Since the MacBook is discontinued, this is more like a MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro thing. It’s a personal choice and needs. The MacBook Pro is designed for professionals who are in need of a strong computer to work with. While the MacBook Air feels like it’s meant for a regular computer user. For what it’s worth, all models of the MacBook are very good and recommended.

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