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Reddit VS Quora

Reddit VS Quora: Which is the best Social Forum?

by Obodoakor Moses

Reddit VS Quora: Discussion forums are gradually staking its claim in a social online environment. Forums have now been incorporated into social life. Two of the leading social forums on the internet right now is probably Reddit and Quora. They both offer the main objective of a forum, where people get answers or solutions to a question or problem from the community. But it’s also a platform where users interact with one another and share stuff.

Despite having the same main objective, Reddit and Quora are quite different in how they offer their services. In this article, we’ll be comparing both social forums.

Reddit VS Quora – Functionality

Reddit functions in many ways. They have a question and answer concept. And also the latest trends and features happening in the world like news. The social platforms incorporate many things into their community and it’s a place for everyone. Whereas, Quora is primarily focused on question and answer. The community allows users to ask anything whatsoever and any user to answer your question can provide an answer.

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Reddit VS Quora

Reddit VS Quora – Monthly Active Users

As of April 2018, Reddit has about 300 million monthly active users, which more than some heavyweight social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. While Quora reports having around 200 million monthly active users. Both platforms are doing quite for themselves and the number of monthly active users will continue to rise as people get accustomed to them.

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Reddit VS Quora – User Experience

It depends on what the users are looking for. Quora is more of professional forums with straight to the point questions and answers. They don’t care about the latest trends and news, or even themes, memes and all that funny social stuff. Whereas, Reddit is a fun place to be due to the community offering trending news, jokes, memes and so on. Reddit also has question and answer threads but unlike Quora where you can only ask professional questions, Reddit allows all kinds of questions.

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Reddit VS Quora

Reddit VS Quora – Conclusion

Both Reddit and Quora are Q&A centric, so it will be unfair to score one higher. They both have different user experience, so the user has to decide which experience suits him/her. For users who like professional forums where they meet other professionals in various works of life, Quora is the best. While users who love fun and exciting community will find Reddit much loving. As usual, let us know what you think about both forums in the comment section.

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