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Safari VS Chrome

Safari VS Chrome: best iOS browser?

by Obodoakor Moses

Safari VS Chrome – If you’re an iOS user, you would have come across Safari web browser on your device. The Safari web browser is Apple’s own web browser, which is pre-installed on all their iOS devices. Despite Safari coming pre-installed in iOS devices, most users still go ahead to download the Chrome web browser, which is own by Google Inc. The war between Google and Apple will never end as far as technology is a concern. They will keep battling each other in the most technology market.

We’ll be discussing their web browser in regards to how they perform on iOS devices. This is because Android-based smartphones can’t download the Safari web browser. So this comparison is only for iOS users who are finding it hard to pick a go-to web browser between Safari and Chrome.

Safari VS Chrome – Features

Safari and Chrome are well enriched when it comes to features. They both sport privacy modes, tabs, various sharing options, autofill and so much more. The privacy feature on both web browser comes with different names. Chrome calls it “incognito mode”. This mode according to Google won’t save the pages you visit in the web browser’s history. Though downloaded files and bookmarks will be kept. Meanwhile, Safari calls its privacy feature just “private mode”. Like Chrome, when the mode has activated the colour of browser changes and let the user know it has entered the private mode.

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Safari sports a feature called “Reading List Feature”. This feature allows the user to articles they intend to read later to a dedicated list. Safari also has the “Social List”, where users can see the list of links they shared to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Most of the other settings feature of Safari is also featured on Chrome.

Safari VS Chrome

Safari VS Chrome – User Interface

This is always a category Safari will win over Chrome any day anytime. This is because Apple has built Safari to run smoothly and incorporate into all iOS devices. Safari is neat and has a minimalist design that blends with the operating system. While Chrome isn’t only designed for iOS devices but also all another operating system like windows and most especially android. Chrome has its settings inside the app. While the settings of Safari is located in the iOS settings app.

Cloud Synchronization

These days we all want to save our information to the cloud. Like me, I’m not sure I can use a web browser that can’t sync stuff like my usernames, passwords, history, bookmarks and all. Both Safari and Chrome cloud syncs all this information for you, so you can easily access them when you switch devices.

Safari web browser achieves the synchronization through its iCloud integration. While Chrome does that using your Google account information.

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Strict Blockers

For someone who doesn’t like ads when visiting websites and usually blocks them, Safari is the best browser for you. Both Safari and Chrome feature the normal ads blocker like every other web browser. But Safari has gone one further than Chrome by offering a new plugin. This plugin can block not just ads, but also cookies, selected URLs, comments and more. I myself, am a fan of the cookies blocker for some websites.

Safari VS Chrome


Chrome and Safari are an amazing web browser on any given day. But this is Safari’s territory since we’re talking about iOS devices. It will be hard for Chrome to outperform Safari on iOS devices. That doesn’t mean Chrome won’t work for your iOS device. Chrome would have also outperformed Safari if we’re talking about android devices.

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