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Telegram VS Telegram X

Telegram VS Telegram X: which should you use?

by Obodoakor Moses

Telegram VS Telegram X – I know by now most of you might have been well acquainted with a social messaging app called Telegram. But did you know there’s another version of the messaging app called Telegram X? Well, now you know. According to the brains behind Telegram X, the new app is based on a different code. And offers some new features you won’t find in the original Telegram app.

Telegram vs Telegram X – Home User Interface

With its fluid animations, Telegram X is considerably faster than Telegram. On the Telegram X, the Calls and Chats are separated by tabs similar to another messaging app: WhatsApp. While on Telegram, the Call option is located inside the Chat menu.

Telegram VS Telegram X

Images displayed on Telegram X create margins. While images displayed on Telegram create margins in the form of a frame, making the image look smaller and uncomfortable.

Telegram VS Telegram X – Night and Bubbles Mode

The Telegram X features a dedicated night mode and bubbles mode button in the menu on the left-hand side of the app. Whereas, the Telegram doesn’t have the features. Users of the original Telegram app will need to change their theme into a dark mode to get the identical night effect.

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The Bubbles Mode on the Telegram X allows for better placement of text and media in the chat messages. While the Telegram app doesn’t have this feature at all.

Saved Messages

A cool feature most users will like on the Telegram X is the “saved messages” feature. On the Telegram X, the saved messages have a dedicated tab, where you can easily access your saved files, images, videos, posts and so on. The Telegram also has saved messages but it doesn’t have a dedicated tab for it. So it’ll be much harder locating it on the menu or rather taking extra steps in locating it.

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Telegram VS Telegram X

Advanced Mode

Telegram X has an advanced mode option in its menu, features a lot of modifications. This modifications includes hiding keyboard on chat scroll, showing forward options and many more. While Telegram doesn’t have this advanced mode.


There are other slightly new features on the Telegram t such as the ability to read a message without really opening it. Overall, the Telegram X is a much more upgraded version of the original Telegram app. If you’re a Telegram user, try checking out the X version and let us know what you think about.

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