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WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger

by Obodoakor Moses

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger: It’s always good to keep business away from pleasure. This is the main reason behind the new WhatsApp Business app. Of course, people can still run their business on the WhatsApp messenger account. But it doesn’t give your business a professional look. It’s just like you running office work at home. And you have clients coming to your house to discuss business ideas. There will be distractions from your loved ones at home. That’s the same way it goes with WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Business is more of a business kind of app. While WhatsApp Messenger is a private or luxury messaging app. In this article, we’ll be discussing what makes WhatsApp Business different from WhatsApp messenger. If you’re wondering how the WhatsApp Business is different from the WhatsApp messenger, then you’re at the right place to get answers.

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger – Profile

The WhatsApp Business app comes with a business profile, where you can give a full breakthrough about your business and the services that you render. While the WhatsApp messenger has a personal profile about you. The business profile on the WhatsApp Business has information like business name, working hours, business description, email, business address and website. Whereas, the profile on the WhatsApp messenger has limited information like profile name, about and phone number.

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WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger – Web Access

WhatsApp Business can also be used on a desktop or laptop just like WhatsApp messenger. So they’re both similar in this regard. Though, the web access of the WhatsApp Business is still being worked on and will get better as more updates are rolled out.

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger – Statistics

On the WhatsApp messenger, there’s no statistical report about your activities. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp Business has a feature called messaging statistics, which provides statistics date about messages sent, delivered and read. This will help serve your customers well and boost your brand name.

Messaging Tools

WhatsApp Business features messaging tools, which helps in analyzing and respond quickly to messages. Business owners can set “quick answers” too frequently asked questions. They can also set “greetings messages”, which introduces new customers to your services. These replies are automated, which is the beauty of it. Meaning you might not be online and it’ll still provide answers to your customer’s needs. Meanwhile, you won’t get such amazing features on the WhatsApp messenger app.

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WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger – Conclusion

As you can see from this comparison article of the WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp messenger, there’s no point downloading the WhatsApp Business app if you don’t own a business. But if you do own a business, and have customers on your WhatsApp messenger account. Then it’s advisable to download the WhatsApp Business app. It’s not hard to download, simply head over to our article on how to download WhatsApp Business app to get yours right away.

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