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WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger

by Obodoakor Moses

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger – Over the years, WhatsApp has grown to be one of the world’s most popular messaging platform. According to a survey, which was carried out in the United Kingdom, the messaging app is installed in 84% of all Android devices and about 56% make use of the app daily. Despite how popular the app has become, it still has great competitors out there.

One of the rivals of WhatsApp is the Facebook messenger. Facebook reportedly bought WhatsApp for a staggering $19 billion dollars in 2014. According to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), WhatsApp has about 1 billion active monthly users. While Facebook messenger has about 900 million active monthly users. In this article, we’ll be looking at which of these two messaging platforms.

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger – Availability

Facebook Messenger is available to all devices running on different operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. It is available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. Whereas, WhatsApp messenger is also available on Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems. Both Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messenger are readily available for all to use.

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger – Cost

Facebook Messenger is available for free. Users are not charged a dime to make use of the messaging app. The company makes their money from advertisement, which they display on the app.

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Meanwhile, WhatsApp hates ads. The founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton made sure no company can advertise on their platform. This is why WhatsApp is not a free messaging app, unlike Facebook messenger. WhatsApp is free to download and you get a one year trial. After the expiration of your free trial, you have the option to renew your subscription at $0.99 USD per year.

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger – User Interface

When it comes to user interface it’s definitely about the preference of the user hence the name. WhatsApp messenger is for users who like an interface that simple, not complicated, straightforward. While Facebook Messenger is for users who like a sophisticated interface with a lot of designing and all that.

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger

WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger – Privacy

WhatsApp is arguably the best private messaging app out there. They’re among the pioneers of end-to-end encryption. The encryption means that messages (be it text, image, audio, files, videos or contacts) sent on the app are viewable only by the sender and the recipient. No third party has access to viewing the messages. While Facebook also supports end-to-end encryption.

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WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger

The only difference here is that the encryption feature defaults on WhatsApp, which means users must make use of it whether they like it or not. While on Facebook, the feature is opt-in and opt-out. It means users can turn it off or turn it on with Facebook.

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WhatsApp messenger VS Facebook messenger – Conclusion

WhatsApp messenger and Facebook messenger are great IM platforms on mobile. The best will depend on users preference. It will be hard convincing a WhatsApp to jump shit. While it will also be hard for a Facebook messenger to switch to WhatsApp. Old habits they say die hard. Let us know your favourite between these two IM platforms in the comment section below. Thanks.

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