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WhatsApp VS Skype

WhatsApp VS Skype: Best voice communication app?

by Team TC

WhatsApp VS SkypeVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a way for people to cut cost on communications. The technology has grown since its interception leading to been named one of the most successful technology in the last decade. One of the pioneers of this VoIP technology is a communication app called Skype. The app allowed people to share messages, make voice and videos calls for free. Like, you basically don’t have to pay a dime for it except for your internet connection.

This feature enables Skype to become a popular communication app worldwide. And like every other lucrative business, other competitors emerged. Now, one of the best communication app using the VoIP technology that rivals Skype is called WhatsApp. The messaging and communication app quickly made a name for itself within a short time of its release. And right now, Skype and WhatsApp are among the very best app using the VoIP technology. Both messaging apps offer similar features.

WhatsApp VS Skype

WhatsApp VS Skype – Mobility

Skype was released originally as a computer-to-computer communication app. It was mainly for working class people in offices to enable them to communicate with other workers. But as the world of technology started going mobile, the company had to release a mobile app for it. While WhatsApp was released as an original mobile app.

Skype couldn’t quite dominate on mobile as WhatsApp does. Neither can WhatsApp dominate on the computer as Skype does. Of course, WhatsApp has a computer version. But both communication apps are still kings in their original released territory. When it comes to mobile, WhatsApp rules. Whereas, on the computer, we have Skype as the ruler.

WhatsApp VS Skype – Number of Active users

When it comes to making voice and video calls on a platform like this, the number of active users is paramount. There’s no point having a communication app with no friends or family to communicate with using the app. Since mobile is taking over computers, WhatsApp which is dominant in the mobile world has more active users than Skype.

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WhatsApp VS Skype

WhatsApp has nearly 2 billion monthly active users right now, which is very huge. Whereas, Skype can only boost around 300 million monthly active users. However, active users don’t mean Skype services is poor. It only shows you that we now live in a world of mobile and smartphone.

How to Contact

Both Skype and WhatsApp have different ways of contacting. Skype requires you to have the person’s Skype username. While WhatsApp requires only the person’s phone number. WhatsApp syncs your personal contact list on your smartphone and brings up people using the messaging app. Whereas, on Skype, you’ll need to create another contact list on the platform by adding individuals by their username.

Quality of Voice Call

On the VoIP market, Skype has one of the best quality voice calls. Since they were the frontrunners of the technology, it’s only right that they offer the very best. Meanwhile, WhatsApp voice call quality is also great. Although, many users have complained of echos when making a voice call on WhatsApp.

Data consumption

Like I said in the introduction, both platforms offer free voice and video calls. But nothing is really free as they make use of your data or WiFi. Skype will definitely consume more data than WhatsApp. This is because Skype offers the best VoIP, so you get clearer call quality which comes at the cost of your data. If you’re really bothered about the consumption of your data, then stick to WhatsApp. Whereas, if you prefer quality over data cost, then go with Skype.

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Skype will always remain a strong VoIP service and also the pioneer of the technology. But considering how mobile is taking over technology as a whole, it’s only a matter of time before WhatsApp becomes the overall leading player in VoIP calls. Business owners and offices will still find Skype worth using. But for daily mobile communication, WhatsApp is the go-to app.

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