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WhatsApp VS Telegram

WhatsApp VS Telegram: Best instant messaging app?

by Obodoakor Moses

WhatsApp VS Telegram: Telegram has been gaining a huge amount of popularity these past few years. In the cryptocurrency world, the instant messaging app is very common for Blockchain enthusiasts and ICOs. Telegram is a secured private communication platform, which is why most crypto users prefer the app. But Telegram isn’t the only secure platform out there.

WhatsApp is a strong competitor in the IM market. And it also provides a secure way of communicating for its users. All over the internet, we’ve seen WhatsAppers and Telegrammers battle each other out in which platform is the best. So for the purpose of this article, we’ll be comparing both instant messaging app.

WhatsApp VS Telegram – Popularity

This might not actually be important to someone people. But there is no point having an IM app with nobody to communicate with. The beauty of these IM apps is chatting with friends and also the chance to meet new people daily. WhatsApp is obviously more popular than Telegram. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has over 1 billion active monthly users. While Telegram boost of over 100 million active monthly users.

Privacy and Security

Both instant messaging app offers privacy and security in different ways. WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption, which means messages from sender to recipient are encrypted. Only both parties can view and have access to the messages. Not even WhatsApp or any third party can view your messages.

WhatsApp VS Telegram

While on Telegram, there is a feature called Secret chat. Conversation on this feature is end-to-end encrypted. Aside from that, it’ll notify you once screenshots of the conversation are taken. There’s also a self-destruct timer, which destroys messages after a specific period of time.

WhatsApp VS Telegram – Backup

Backups have been a life-saver for some users. And it’s been an essential feature on most instant messaging apps. WhatsApp allows users to back up their messages on their phone memory or on Google Drive. The good effect is that your messages are in your care and WhatsApp has nothing to with it. While the bad effect is that it takes up storage space on your phone memory when backed up there.

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Meanwhile, Telegram doesn’t allow users to back up their messages to phone memory. A telegram has its own cloud backup, which is done automatically. The good effect is that you don’t need to worry about memory space on your device. While the bad effect is that you lose your privacy to Telegram.

WhatsApp VS Telegram – Group Chat

This is the strong selling point of Telegram. The instant messaging app allows over 70,000 members in a group. While WhatsApp allows only 256 members in a single group. The downside for Telegram group chat with such numbers of members is the inability to keep track of messages.

File Sharing Ability

Imagine wanting to send a 1GB of the movie to a friend that’s probably in another country or city. WhatsApp only allows users to send files up to 160MB. While on Telegram, users can send up to 1.5GB worth of files. This is a cool feature for Telegram. And definitely makes the app a must-have for users who love sharing stuff with friends and family.

WhatsApp VS Telegram

WhatsApp VS Telegram – Features

WhatsApp has unique features such as the Status update, which lets you convey a message to all your contacts at once. There’s also the text formatting, which allows users to format text in Italics (text), Bold (text), Bold & Italic (text), Strikethrough (~text~) and Bold, Italic and Strikethrough (~text~).

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Meanwhile, Telegram also has its unique features like the secret chat, Telegram bots and Stickers. With the Telegram bots, you can create polls in the group. The bot responsible for that function is called @Pollbot. Every bot on the Telegram bot store has its own function. The Telegram sticker is also a good way for users to express themselves. Users can create their own stickers by using @Stickers bot.

WhatsApp VS Telegram – User Interface

This category is about preference. But I strongly believe WhatsApp wins it here. The user interface of WhatsApp is neat and organized. While that of Telegram isn’t all that organized. This is because Telegram has a lot of features and arranging them all can be a tedious task. Whereas, WhatsApp has minimal features.

WhatsApp VS Telegram

WhatsApp VS Telegram – Conclusion

Overall, both apps are great and can help users communicate with friends and family. The best of the two comes down to users’ preference. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. But it won’t hurt to have both messaging apps on your device. Let us know what you think about WhatsApp and Telegram in the comment section below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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