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How to download WhatsApp Business

How to download WhatsApp Business

by Team TC

How to download WhatsApp Business – WhatsApp Business is currently the trending business app for small and medium businesses. The app helps businesses to communicate with their customers by making use of tools to sort, automate and quickly respond to messages. This is really a great app from WhatsApp Inc. as it serves as a customer care support.

So how can small and medium businesses get this app? In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to download WhatsApp Business app. But before we proceed there are a few things you should take note of.

How to download WhatsApp Business


  • There’s an option to migrate the chat history of your WhatsApp messenger account to your new WhatsApp Business account. It is advisable that you backup manually before proceeding.
  • The chat history on your WhatsApp Business account cannot be migrated back to your WhatsApp messenger account. Just in case you decide to stop using the WhatsApp Business account.
  • You can use both WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp Business simultaneously on your smartphone. However, both account must have a separate phone number linked to them. You’re not allowed to use the same phone number linked to your WhatsApp messenger account on your WhatsApp Business account.
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Steps on How to download WhatsApp Business

  • Visit Google Play store and download the WhatsApp Business or visit WhatsApp official website.
  • Choose and verify your phone number. This is the number that’ll be linked to the account, which you’ll use to communicate to your customers.
  • Set-up your chosen Business name
  • To build your profile: Click the menu button > then settings > business settings > Profile

WhatsApp Business app is a good initiative from WhatsApp Inc. and it’s ideal for business owners. It’s not always good to mix business with pleasure. So we advise you to use the normal WhatsApp messenger for pleasure. And move all your business to the WhatsApp Business app.

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