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Fortnite shuts down ahead of Season 11, users worried on social media about the black hole

by Obodoakor Moses

One of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite has been down for almost 24 hours. And many theories have been blowing up all over social media.

The game ended its 10th season and was gearing up for the season 11 leading to the shutdown. Most users are saying the shut down is necessary for the upcoming season 11 which will feature a brand new map according to rumours. While other users are paranoid the game will no longer be back. Fortnite official website is presently just a twitch stream. The funniest part, it is streaming the black hole.

Even fortnite official twitter posted a tweet showing the viral black hole with many fans showing their disgust.


Popular Fortnite leaks & news account on Twitter, HYPEX tweeted saying the black hole will end on Tuesday, October 14th according to the game’s website. He also doesn’t believe the timing.

And approximately 12 hours after the tweet, he quoted it and said the date has been changed to Thursday, October 17th.

For worried fans out there, we urge you to be patient. Fortnite is a global success to just shut down like that. We predict the update from Season 10 to 11 is experiencing some technical difficulties which are normal in this line of work.

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On Epic Games (owner of Fortnite) status page, it says they are currently experiencing a minor service outrage after detecting an anomaly. An anomaly can be definitely as something/someone that is unusual or strange.

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