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Encrypted Messaging

What is Encrypted Messaging? And how do I use it?

by Obodoakor Moses

Encrypted Messaging – In today’s world where people value their privacy with the government allegedly spying on its citizens, it’s important that you keep your online conversation away from prying eyes. Not only from the government but also from criminals and bad-wishers. Encrypted messaging is the best way to communicate with family and friends on the internet. It’s also known as “secured messaging”.

This type of messaging provides end-to-end encryption on the user text messaging platform. It prevents anyone from having access to the message aside from the sender and the recipient.

What is Encrypted Messaging?

The process of encoding or obscuring an information to make it unreadable to a third party is known as encryption. This encryption makes use an algorithm to convert information into random numeric characters or symbols. This information can then be accessed by someone with the special key that will decrypt the said information and make it accessible. The method of transforming the information which is in form of text into numeric characters to conceal its meaning is known as cipher.

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In our modern day world of encryption, there are two different types: Public key and Private key.

Public Key

Public Key (also known as Asymmetric) only makes use of the recipient’s public key. This means only the recipient can decrypt the message sent by a sender. For example, a sender goes to a mailbox to send a message. He/She can only unlock the mailbox to send a message but can’t access other messages available in the mailbox. This is because they don’t have the recipient public key.

Private Key

Private Key (also known as Symmetric) is basically similar to Public Key. The only difference here is that in Private Key encryption, the sender can access all messages in the mailbox. This is because both the sender and recipient have the public key.

In a nutshell, both sender and recipient can encrypt and decrypt information in Private Key encryption. While in Public Key encryption, the sender can only encrypt information and the recipient will then decrypt it.

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How to use Encrypted Messaging

It’s actually simple to use encrypted messaging, all you need is to download any messaging app that supports encryption. For starters, WhatsApp which is one of the biggest messaging apps offers end-to-end encryption. To find out more apps that have this feature, visit our Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps article. We promise you won’t go wrong with these five encrypted messaging apps. Also, you can check out the article on How to enable end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger.

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