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Best Streaming Media Players

Best Streaming Media Players in 2020

by Obodoakor Moses

Check out the best streaming media players in 2020. Streaming media players are a device that features streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, HBO Max and many more. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get straight to business.

Amazon Fire Stick

Best Streaming Media Players

Amazon Fire Stick is an amazing streaming media player and the ideal choice for most streamers. Its remote control features TV remote and power controls. You also get access to Amazon’s assistant – Alexa. The Amazon Fire Stick retails for around $40 right now in the market. Learn how to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick.

Roku Express

Best Streaming Media Players

Roku makes some of the best streaming devices in the industry. The Roku Express is arguably the best of their collection. It has the ideal features every streamer would want. Roku Express is simple, easy to use and cheap at just $24 or thereabout.

Roku Streaming Stick

Another good Roku device is the Roku Streaming Stick. This one has the ability to stream contents in 4K HDR. It comes with good key features and an excellent system from Roku. Unlike the Roku Express which is basically for beginners, the Roku Streaming Stick retails at a much higher price – $50.

Google Chromecast

Best Streaming Media Players

Another good or best streaming media players out there is Google Chromecast. The device streams Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, HBO Now and thousands of other interesting apps. Unlike most streaming device that comes with a remote, Google Chromecast uses a smartphone, PC or voice controller as its remote control. The device is available for sale at around $35. See comparison between Google Chromecast and Android TV.

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Roku Ultra

There is no way you’ll discuss streaming products without mentioning Roku a couple of times. Here we have the Roku Ultra, which is regarded as the company’s best streamer. It streams contents in 4K resolution but lacks Dolby Vision which might not sit well with some folks. Overall, Roku Ultra is a great device and retails at about $82.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

The difference between this one and the Amazon Fire Stick we mentioned earlier, is its ability to stream contents in 4K and comes with Dolby Vision HDR. All that costs an extra $10 making this edition to be price at around $50.

Apple TV 4K

Probably the most expensive in our list of best of streaming media players right now. We all know how premium Apple products are in terms of high regard. The Apple TV 4K supports both Dolby Vision and Atmos. The device is currently priced at around $165.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube

Another one from Amazon is the Fire TV Cube. This cube-shaped device does not only have the Fire TV 4K, but it also comes with an Echo Dot speaker which is pretty amazing. With the Alexa integration, you can voice command the device to stream contents on your TV or turn off your TV. The Alexa response time is also pretty fast. Amazon Fire TV Cube is sold at around $120.

Nvidia Shield TV

The last one of our best streaming media players is Nvidia Shield TV. It comes in a cylinder shape and available at $150. The device features the Google Android TV operating system with Google Assistant, 4K HDR, and up to three different gaming ecosystems. This streaming device is definitely for the upper-class people.

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