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Best Torrents Sites for Downloading Bollywood Movies

Best Torrents Sites for Downloading Bollywood Movies

by Obodoakor Moses

Getting the best torrents sites for downloading Bollywood movies is not that difficult. For those of you that have no idea about which torrent site is best/better, this article is a must-read. By now, you know the meaning of “torrent”. If you don’t know, it is basically a computer file. The file contains metadata about folders and files to be distributed. Most torrent sites on the internet get shut down every now and then. The hard truth is that many torrent sites are not always secured and can be used for malicious cyberattack and stealing your personal data. Be careful of the type of torrent website you use. We also have the best websites to download movies in HD for free, if you’ll like that one.


Best Torrents Sites for Downloading Bollywood Movies

YTS is arguably a top-five torrent website on the internet. It has been online for a while now. It houses a lot of Bollywood movies. The only issue you’ll have with YTS is not having enough memory space on your device cause I can tell you that there is a lot of Bollywood movies to download. Most people will download one and delete after watching it before they proceed into downloading another.


Get your latest Bollywood movies for free on 99HDFilms. The website hosts a lot of Bollywood movie torrents to download from. Many of these movies are dubbed in the popular Hindi language. Video resolution of their movies is between 720p and 1080p.

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BestHDMovies is a very good website for downloading Bollywood movies. It has a category set aside for Bollywood movies and is constantly updated daily with the latest movies in the industry. Fans of the oldies Bollywood movies will love the archives of this website. Enjoy classic throwback Bollywood on BestHDMovies.


Bolly2Tolly is the latest destination for downloading and watching the latest Bollywood movies. The movies are literally available in every local Indian language. They upload really fast and in HD quality. Most times, you don’t have to wait for a day after the movie has aired before it is available for download on the platform.


Skymovies has a great library of movies. They got South Indian Hindi movies, Pakistani movies, Bengali movies and lots more. Uploads are in HD quality, so you don’t have to worry about the video resolution. Aside from movies, they also have TV series and songs that you can as well download.


Best Torrents Sites for Downloading Bollywood Movies

This is the torrent site I use currently. Anything I want to download from a torrent site that is not available on RARBG, I just forget about it. Let’s just say that I feel more comfortable with this particular torrent. It is also regarded as a good alternative to the now shutdown ExtraTorrent. RARBG features the latest and oldies Bollywood movies.


Best Torrents Sites for Downloading Bollywood Movies

If you’re not a fan of RARBG, another torrent you should try checking out is “1337x“. The torrent website features movies, television series, music, anime, documentaries, even xxx videos. The user interface is stylish and beautiful, it is also easy to navigate through.

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Torrentz is a popular meta-search engine for torrents, it combines results from various search engine. At the time of writing, it has over 30 million torrents indexed. It’s actually very simple to use. Enter the name of the Bollywood movies you wish to download and click on search. The result will show you torrents and websites that have it for download.


Bullmask offers free search and download of Bollywood movies. There are other types of movies on there like Hollywood also. Bullmask is formerly known as “CiniSearch”. Aside from movies, Bullmask also features apps, games, e-books and lots more.

But why go through the stress of looking for the best torrents sites for downloading Bollywood movies? Why not just get to know the best websites to download Bollywood movies like Coolmoviez. Is Hindi your favourite Bollywood? we have the best websites to download Hindi movies from.

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