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Top 10 Largest Facebook Acquisitions

Top 10 Largest Facebook Acquisitions

by Team TC

Top 10 Largest Facebook Acquisitions – Facebook Inc. being a large tech giant have bought so many other companies over the years. You remember the popular phrase, “if you can’t beat them, you join them”. Well, in this case, it’s “if you can’t beat them, you buy them”. Facebook isn’t the only tech giant company buying other small tech companies, Google and its parent company Alphabet are also doing it.

Ascenta – $20 Million

Top 10 Largest Facebook Acquisitions

Ascenta is a UK-based company that designs solar-powered drones. The company wants to help those who are unable to get access to the internet and can’t connect to the world. On March 2014, Facebook acquired the company for $20 million and have continued chasing the company’s goals.

Pebbles Interfaces – $60 Million

Pebbles Interfaces is a startup company based in Isreal. The company works on depth-sensing technology. This allows anyone wearing their virtual reality headset to able to use their hands and also see them in virtual reality with the help of light sensor technology. The startup company eventually sold its rights to Facebook for $65 million in July 2015. And it goes down as one of the top 10 largest Facebook acquisitions.

Snaptu – $70 Million

Top 10 Largest Facebook Acquisitions

Snaptu is a London-based company that focuses on developing and maintaining online services especially for people using featured phones. The company was said to have collaborated with Facebook when they (Facebook) launched its mobile application. Facebook will then acquire the company for $70 Million in March 2011.

Parse – $85 Million

Parse is an application that keeps tracks of other mobile application analytics. The app can tell if an application is growing or dying. This is said to help when big tech companies plan on buying small companies. Facebook, however, saw the need to own such an amazing tool and went ahead to acquire the application for $85 Million in April 2013.

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Face.com – $100 Million

Face.com is a facial recognition software. Facebook acquired it for $100 million in June 2012. And it’s one of the top 10 largest Facebook acquisitions as the company makes use of it for photo tags. People can now find untagged photos of themselves on the Facebook cause of this software. So it’s really a great acquisition for Facebook.

Atlas – $100 Million

Atlas is a measurement and campaign management tool for marketers and agencies. It was owned by Microsoft before it was acquired by Facebook for $100 million in February 2013. Atlas helps Facebook to analyze, measure and manage for certain marketing agencies and ads campaigns.

LiveRail – $500 Million

Next in our top 10 largest Facebook acquisitions is LiveRail. The video startup company uses its platform to connect marketers to publishers. According to the company, their goal was to serve 7 billion video ads to visitors every month. Well, Facebook bought LiveRail for $500 million in August 2014. Facebook said the acquisition was to help them serve its video advertising better on mobile and web.

Instagram – $1 Billion

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform. Before the network became so popular like this, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw it coming and quickly made the company an offer. Mark offered them $1 Billion to buy the company but it will still operate as a standalone app away from Facebook. The owners; Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom accepted the offer and Facebook bought the company for $1 billion in April 2012. At the time, it was Facebook largest acquisition and a lot of stakeholders were sceptical about the move. The deal will later pay off for Facebook as Instagram is the second biggest revenue driver for the company after Facebook itself. In 2016, Instagram brought in $3.2 billion in revenue for Facebook. So it definitely worth to be among the top 10 largest Facebook acquisitions.

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Oculus VR – $2 Billion

Oculus VR is the virtual reality company that’s behind Oculus Rift; a virtual reality gaming headset. Mark Zuckerberg believed virtual reality is the next big game changer and acquired the company for $2 billion in March 2014.

WhatsApp – $19 Billion

WhatsApp is the leading global social messaging app right now with over a billion users worldwide. This is somehow Facebook most difficult deal ever, cause WhatsApp was already a well-known messaging app prior to the Facebook acquisition. The deal was said to be going back and forth as WhatsApp owners Brian Acton and Jan Koum didn’t want to give the company out at a cheap rate. In the end, the deal was sealed at Mark Zuckerberg’s apartment for a total of $19 Billion in February 2014. WhatsApp till today is Facebook largest acquisition and takes the number one spot in our top 10 Facebook largest acquisition.


To me, Facebook best acquisition is Instagram, given how big the company has turned out to be. What do you think about all these Facebook acquisitions? Do you feel the companies involved shouldn’t have sold off their ideas to Facebook? Is Facebook trying to monopolies the social media world? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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