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Top 20 Korean Drama Series to Watch in 2020

Top 20 Korean Drama Series to Watch in 2020

by Obodoakor Moses

Are you a fan of Korean drama series? And you’re looking for the top 20 Korean drama series to watch in 2020? Well, congratulations cause you’re at the right place. Korean drama series are definitely one of the best drama movies in the world and a lot of people are starting to pay attention to that. You might also want to check our top best Korean drama websites with English subtitle, in case you don’t know where to download this Korean drama series. Without further ado, let’s present you the best series to watch.

Emergency Couple

Top 20 Korean Drama Series to Watch in 2020

Emergency Couple is an interesting medical drama series and definitely one you should not miss in 2020. It tells the story of Oh Chang-Min and Oh Jin-Hee, who are medical students and manage to fall in love with each other while in school. They will later separate due to financial pressure and family issues. Luckily as fate will have it, they met again after six years in a hospital where they were both doing their internship.

Liar Game

Top 20 Korean Drama Series to Watch in 2020

Just the name alone will hint you that you shouldn’t miss this movie. Liar Game will enlighten your brain and make you think. The drama series features contestants who take part in a reality TV game show known as “Liar Game” with an opportunity to win millions of dollars. Among the contestants in the series is a girl who wants to win, so she can pay off her father’s debt.

Doctor Stranger

Top 20 Korean Drama Series to Watch in 2020

Just like “Emergency Couple”, this a medical drama series mixed with action and romance. It features 20 interesting episodes with a unique storyline and plot. A young man named “Park Hoon” from South Korea gets kidnapped to North Korea. His dad; “Park Cheol”, who is a world-famous surgeon was kidnapped and brought to North Korea to operate on a dictator called “Dear Leader”. There is a lot of blood in the movie and probably will turn some people off.

City Hunter

This is the kind of drama movie I like. City Hunter is an action and martial arts series with a good plot twist. The movie tells the story of a young man – Lee Yoon Sung who’s secret identity name is “City Hunter”. Sung has only one purpose left in life and revenges the death of his father years ago.

Kill Me, Heal Me

This is a comedy-drama series and tells a story a young man who is suffering from multiple personality disorder and memory lapses. It was as a result of a traumatic experience he had during his childhood. You can’t finish watching this drama series without learning a thing or two about life.


Healer is another good action movie to watch in 2020. It’s not only about action, but there are also drama, mystery and romance in the movie. The movie is about a male reporter who wants to unveil the dark truth about those in power. So he seeks the help of a spy known as “Healer”.

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds/Love in the Moonlight

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is a fascinating romance drama series. It is often regarded as “Love in the Moonlight”. The movie is about a prince who falls in love with a girl that is disguised as a eunuch. The humour, fun and casts of the movie will keep you entertained all through.

Prison Playbook

This drama series features prison mates who ended up becoming friends and tell the story about how they all got there. The series is a life learning one and in 2020, this is the kind of drama series you want to be watching. There is a lot of taking home note featured in Prison Playbook.


Goblin tells fantasy stories that span to centuries. The drama romance series is also known as “Goblin: the lonely and great God”. The modern-day Goblin featured in the series is the protector of souls and to end his cursed immortal life, needs a human bride. He will find the human bride, only to realise he doesn’t want to die anymore.


Pinocchio is an interesting drama series packed in 20 intriguing episodes. It is about a young man that was wronged in a bad way by a reporter. The young man wants revenge badly, only to fall in love with the daughter of the reporter. Watch the series to find out what happened 🙂

Woman of Dignity

Woman of Dignity tells the story about a rich family and the luxurious life of Woo Ah-Jin who is privileged due to her father-in-law. The father-in-law being so wealthy hired a caretaker called Park Bok-Ja, who happens to be a poor woman. On coming to the household, Park Bok-Ja has just one goal and it is to become part of the family and partake in the wealth.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun has won many KBS awards and during the time the drama series was on TV, it dominated the TV scene with an impressive rating. It tells a story about two people in love. The woman is a leader in a medical team that save lives. While the man is the captain of a special force unit that carries out a secret mission.

My Love From The Star

The movie is also known as “You Who Came from the Stars”. It’s about an alien that is centuries-old and trapped here on earth. The alien is working in a university as a professor and all he wants is to go back home. That will eventually change when he meets a beautiful and popular actress.

The Heirs

The next movie we have on the top 20 Korean drama series to watch in 2020 is “The Heirs”. The series is about Kim Tan who is the heir to an Empire Group worth millions of dollars. Tan is schooling in the United States where he came across Go Eun Sang, who came with her sister from Korea in search of a better life. Tan falls in love with Sang and wants to take her back with him to Korea. But finds out Sung’s mother is a housekeeper in his house. Watch the film to find out more hahaha

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The series tells a story about a woman named “Do Bong Soon” who has super strength inherited from female members of her family. Despite being strong, she is fragile and small on the outside.

The Greatest Love

You can’t go wrong watching this drama series. It tells a story about a group known as “National Treasure Girls”. The group will later break up and go there separate ways. They all went through adversity in their life path but will later meet each other unexpectedly.


This list is never complete without Jumong. This is actually the series that introduced a lot of people to the Korean drama industry. Jumong is the son of a royal family and founded Goguryeo in 37 BC. He and his mother live with King Geum Wa after it was believed that his father General Hae Mo Su is dead.

Endless Love: Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata is the second season of the popular Endless Love series. It tells a story about Joon-sang who in search of his biological father went to a new high school. While schooling there, he had his high school friends ….. Watch the film to know more 🙂

Prosecutor Princess

Prosecutor Princess is about a woman named “Ma Hye Ri”. She has an excellent memory and the ability to be focused on whatever she’s doing. Ma only likes fashions and not interested in hard work which doesn’t make her a good prosecutor.

Boys Over Flowers

We round up this list of top 20 Korean drama series to watch in 2020 with “Boys Over Flowers”. It’s about a girl called “Geum Jan Di” who’s family owns a dry cleaning store and a group in Shin Hwa High School called “F4 group”. Geum is being bullied by the F4 group leader Gu Jun Pyo. As time passes, Gu realises that he is attracted to Geum. But Geum is apparently in love with someone else.

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