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Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

by Team TC

Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps – The battle to keep out data and information safe is a tough battle right now on the internet. A lot of people and corporate bodies will do anything to have our information. Thanks to encryption, our chats and message to friends and family are now secured. But still not all messaging apps out there has this feature. This is why we compiled this list of top 5 best encrypted messaging apps. These apps take your security and privacy very seriously. And they will do anything to keep it from reaching harm’s way.


End-to-end encryption has been available on WhatsApp since 2016. With over 1 billion users on the platform, the encryption was necessary for the security of user’s information. This encryption means even WhatsApp themselves can’t access your conversations. Only you and the person on the other end (end-to-end) can have access to the information in the conversation. WhatsApp is free to download and use, it’s available on all operating system.

Signal Private Messenger

Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

According to Signal, they make privacy simple. The private messaging app also uses end-to-end encryption protocol to keep users conversation private. Not just every message, but also every calls you through this platform is secured. The messaging app is great and is improving their services daily. Worth checking out Signal, if you haven’t.

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Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

Its corporate name is now known as Rakuten Viber. The messaging app released an upgrade version 6.0 that featured an end-to-end encryption protocol. The company even made an overview of how their encryption works https://www.viber.com/app/uploads/Viber-Encryption-Overview.pdf . Viber has over 900 million users and it’s a fun messaging app to use. Viber is no.3 on our top 5 best encrypted messaging apps.


Dust is a private and secret texting app. This private messaging app takes security very seriously. According to them, you can delete your messages from people’s phones. Messages are heavily encrypted and are not permanently stored on their servers or even on phones. Dust is formerly known as Cyber Dust.


Top 5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

Just like Dust, Threema is a messaging app that takes security and privacy very seriously. Group chats, voice calls, status messages and even media files are all encrypted. Threema claims messages are automatically deleted from their servers once it’s been delivered to the recipient. The only downside of this messaging app is that it isn’t free to download. It cost about $2.7 (€2.9), that isn’t much considering what it offers if you ask me.

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So this is our top 5 best encrypted messaging apps. They are all worth using for private and secure conversations with friends and family. Other notable mentions are Telegram, Facebook messenger and LINE. The end-to-end encryption on these three notable mentions are not automatic, users have to switch them on themselves.

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