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Top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie

Top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie

by Obodoakor Moses

Top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie – Android 9 Pie is the latest operating system from Google Inc., which comes with some amazing features. We’ll be discussing the top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie in this article. A lot of smartphones already comes with the operating system like the latest Google’s Pixels smartphones.

The operating system is the 16th version of Google’s Android operating system, which goes to show how far Android has come. The operating system also has a Go edition version, just like it’s predecessor Android 8 Oreo.

New Gesture-based Navigation

Most android users are already familiar with the iconic three navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Well, the new Android 9 Pie allows brings a gesture-based navigation. According to Google, all previous or currently android smartphones running on other OS will still have the iconic navigation buttons. While the newly released smartphones coming out with Android 9 Pie will adopt only the gesture-based navigations.

Adaptive Battery Life & Brightness

Battery life is essential to smartphones users. A lot of people have complained about the battery life running on Android OS. The Android 9 Pie attempts to address the issue with the all-new adaptive battery. This feature allows apps that are mostly used by the user to get more share of the battery life. While unused apps are basically put into sleep mode, that way they won’t drain much battery life. Definitely among the top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie.

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With artificial intelligence taking over the technology world, the Android 9 Pie comes with a feature called adaptive brightness. This is an automatic feature which adjusts the brightness of your smartphone to your preferred choice. The feature tracks the brightness you like and in what conditions you like them, then it sets it up for you. So you don’t have to always do it manually all the time.

Improved Notifications

Notifications are also an essential part of a smartphone just like the battery life. Android 9 Pie comes with new tweaks to the notifications of the Android operating system. You can decide which app alerts you want to be receiving. When you receive an app alert you don’t want, simply press and hold the alert for a pop-up option that will you to stop them entirely. There are also “smart replies” that saves you a lot of time when replying an email or message from an alert.

App Actions and Slices

App action is a feature that predicts your next move or task on your smartphone. For example, let’s say you make use of the Google maps navigation app when leaving home for work by 6 am. This feature will track this movement and will serve you a shortcut to use the Google map navigation app by 6 am. The same thing as when you plug your headphones, it will show a shortcut to your playlist.

Top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie

App slices help you interact with anything you search for. For instance, a search on “Uber” will automatically show you the booking features of the app without having to download app immediately.

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Digital Wellbeing

Rounding up our top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie is the Digital Wellbeing. Digital Wellbeing like the name suggests it’s a dashboard that looks after your well-being in your smartphone. You can track how much time you’ve invested in each app. Not just that, it also tells you how often you press your device if it’s too much or less. And if there’s is a solution for you. Lol.

Top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie

It’s an amazing feature I must say, with the growing concern of how people are so attached to their smartphones these days. You can also set a time limit on how much minutes you want to use an app or your phone.


These are our top 5 best features of Android 9 Pie. Of course, there are other features such as improved security, native notch support and so on. Have you started using the Android 9 Pie? Give us an honest review in the comment section.

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