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Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

by Obodoakor Moses

Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android – Human brains are not 100% reliable. Sometimes we tend to forget the smallest of information. And most times it takes a few seconds for us to remember them. While other timed we don’t remember them at all. This is the reason why people move around with jotter or a small notepad where they put down this kind of points or notes. But with the modern day technology, and how advanced the smartphone world is becoming.

We no longer need to carry those small notepads with us. There are now available apps for our smartphone that act as notepad and take down our notes or points. In this article, we’ll be focusing on these apps for Android-powered smartphones. Android is a powerful operating system when it comes to a smartphone.


Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

This note-taking app is my favourite. I can’t have a smartphone without downloading this app. ColorNote is designed to run smoothly on an Android-powered smartphone. And it takes the number one spot in our top 5 best note-taking apps for Android. The app features a note and a checklist. It also has different coloured themes to choose from. ColorNote saves automatically once you mistakenly press back when in the middle of typing a note or checklist.

It syncs your notes and checklist to their cloud storage. So you can always get them back when you switch devices as long as you’re signed in with your registered email address. The user interface of ColorNote is neat and easy to understand. There no ads on this app as of now and their services are totally FREE.

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Next, after ColorNote is Evernote, which is another good note-taking an app that deserves a spot in our top 5 best note-taking apps for Android. Unlike ColorNote, where you can only take notes by typing, Evernote allows a different form of note-taking. The app features various format of note taking such as attachments, texts, photos, audio and so on. While ColorNote services are free. Evernote offers both free and subscription services.

Evernote free version allows up to the 60MB worth of uploads and lets you use it on two devices. While there are subscription services to Plus or Premium Plus for more storage space and other features. The subscription prices range from $35 to $80 a year, which honestly is not bad.

Google Keep

Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Google also have their very owned note-taking the app for Android called “Google Keep”. Just like the name suggest it helps you “keep” notes and checklists. Notes can be taken by text, image or even a voice memo. The notes can be categorized into your desired label, be it work, home or personal. Notes are sync into your Google account and quite safe for future references. Like ColorNote, Google Keep is totally free to use and doesn’t display ads.


OneNote is a note-taking an app from tech giants, Microsoft. Since it’s from the Microsoft family, OneNote is designed to work perfectly with Microsoft office formats such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. You need to set up a free Microsoft account to use the app. Like other note taking apps listed above, OneNote allows you to label your notes and checklists. It also syncs them into their cloud storage.

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Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

ClevNote is also a very nice note taking apps. It rounds up our top 5 best note-taking apps for Android. Aside from taking notes and checklists like every other note app, ClevNote helps manage your bank account number. Once you save your bank account number, you can easily copy it to the clipboard or send it to someone. With its calendar mode features, ClevNote helps reminds you about the birthdays of family and friends. You can also manage your websites IDs and passwords using ClevNote.

Your information is stored using AES encryption. But you can also opt for a cloud backup with Google Drive. ClevNote has widget support and the app can be locked with a password.


I always advise people to have at least one note taking app on their smartphone. It’s very convenient to use for our daily activities and schedules. So what’s your best note taking app? Share your reviews and opinions with us in the comment section below.

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