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Top Best Examples of Wikis

Top Best Examples of Wikis worth checking out

by Obodoakor Moses

Am sure by now you must have heard of Wikipedia (a free online encyclopedia). Do you know it is an example of Wiki (a knowledge base website)? Now you do. On this website or community, users collaboratively edit and modify content from their web browser. The Wiki runs on wiki engine, which allows users to edit contents. Today, we’ll be showing you the top best examples of Wikis that are worth checking out aside from Wikipedia. In case you don’t know there is a lot of Wikis out there covering various subjects.


Top Best Examples of Wikis

WikiTravel is a popular wiki-based website. Travel is an interesting and engaging subject on the internet. People always want to make an enquiry about a travel destination prior to visiting. WikiTravel is well stocked with information has been online since 2003. It is filled with pictures, facts e.t.c. about places in the world.


WikiBooks features a fascinating archive of open textbooks, instructional guides, annotated texts and manuals. You can’t overemphasize how important this website is for education. The website is categorised into nine groups; Engineering, Computing, Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Kids, Social Science and Standard Curricula.

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Top Best Examples of Wikis

Just like the name suggests, WikiHow is one of the best places to be if you want to learn “How” to do something. Virtual everything how-to’s is featured on the website. It features contents in topics like Relationship, Sports & Fitness, Philosophy, Religion, Pets & Animals e.t.c.


Wiktionary is a multilingual dictionary that will save a lot of money. With this website, you don’t have to buy a physical dictionary which costs over $400 and be carrying it around. On this website, there are over seven million words in more than 4,000 languages. You just can’t go wrong with Wiktionary. Contents are edited and modified on a regular basis with the addition of new words and meaning.

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Top Best Examples of Wikis

The last one on the list of top best examples of Wikis is Gamepedia. This is a community-based website for gamers. Each game wiki on this website features the game overview, specific guides, plotlines, trivia, gameplay images, and lots more. When it comes to gaming, you can always tell the community will be fun, bumbling and interesting to be part of.

This is our top best examples of Wikis worthy checking out. Let us know what you think about them in the comment section below. You can also drop your favourite Wiki.

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